About InspireClean

We get it. You’re busy with a million other items on your to-do list and just need a better, faster, and smarter way to get your home clean. Whether you’re a busy parent, a caretaker, a nine to fiver, an entrepreneur, a rental property owner, a real estate agent, or just someone who needs more time to do what you love, InspireClean house cleaning service is here to inspire you to live your best life by leaving the house cleaning to us!

Our Story

InspireClean house cleaning service was founded by moms who live the all-too-real struggle of getting the kids to school on time, cleaning the house, cooking dinner, furthering our careers, while also trying to squeeze in time for ourselves. We saw so many people struggling with the same problem and without many reliable and convenient cleaning services out there, we set out to create a visionary cleaning company that puts you and your cleaning needs first. 

A clean home goes a long way in making everything in life run a little smoother and we have a passion for sharing the inspirational qualities of a clean home with all those we serve because, as the saying goes, a clean home really is a happy home!

Our Team

We here at InspireClean House Cleaning Service believe in building a team of the most professional, experienced, and friendly people we can find. All of our cleaning associates are background checked, well-trained, and regularly reviewed to make sure they meet the highest standards we have set as a company. InspireClean House Cleaning service know you expect a quality service and we aim to deliver every time we step in your home.

Our Process

  • When you book a service, we from InspireClean House Cleaning Service send you a confirmation email as well as a reminder email 3 days before and a day before your service.
  • The day of your service, InspireClean House Cleaning Service make sure we are there on time and ready to clean.
  • During the service, we make sure our associates go through the cleaning checklist as well as any service details you may have added.
  • When the service is complete, we double-check for quality and if you’re home, we ensure you are happy with the service before we leave.
  • The same day, we will give you a call to ensure you are happy with the service and to get any feedback you may have.

Customer Reviews

The best way to deliver any serve is to under-promise and over-deliver. We know you may not know what to expect and we are always keen to exceed any of your greatest expectations! We’ve heard from so many people from all walks of life and all circumstances that have benefitted greatly from a clean home that we’d rather let our clients experiences speak for themselves.

inspireclean house cleaning service

Brandon Mimms

"This was the best experience I have ever had for a cleaning service! Professional, easy to work with and quick! I highly recommend using InspireClean house cleaning service if you live in the Niagara Region."

RedBrick Rentals

"Excellent service! Very Professional, dependable company. I would strongly recommend them and will use them again should the need arise. Thank you so much!"

google reviewer

Shirley Clark

"InspireClean is a house cleaning service that understands that maybe you don't want your entire house cleaned, or that you don't want to commit to a regular clean every week or two. Other services we have tried, want to charge a hefty fee for the first clean. If you discontinue their service for a month or so, they want to charge the hefty fee again. Not so with Inspire Clean. There are rooms in our house that don't get used, so don't need regular cleaning. Inspire Clean understands this. I was able to negotiate a rate that was fair for both of us. Inspire Clean has very high standards. Staff are punctual and reliable with great communication. The rooms that I want cleaned are cleaned very thoroughly. I didn't need to provide any instruction other than pointing out what rooms to clean. Our glass showers sparkle. The cleaning staff are professional and personable, and they provide their own products and equipment. The cleaner was even comfortable with our dog in the house. Here is follow-up after every cleaning session. I highly recommend Inspire Clean. They are really reasonable, pleasant people to deal with."